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“When I was a talibé, one of my classmates in the same daara as me had a stutter and did not have good diction. One day, as he was struggling to recite, the schoolmaster hit him over the pinnacle with a wood tablet. Now that I’m older and myself offering care to the kids, I understand he will need to have died of a brain haemorrhage after that beating,” stated a former talibé baby. In January 2022, a 10-year-old talibé died of his accidents in the Lansar district of Touba after being overwhelmed by his Quranic teacher, who was reprimanding him for not having realized the day’s lesson.

Diane Ireland has been named as Inksters’ new chief operating officer. Ms Ireland has worked for Inksters for several years because the agency’s authorized process engineer. He’s the daddy of Rose Lubin, who grew up in suburban Atlanta however moved to Israel, …